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with works from Ayesha Kamal Khan, Joshua J. Araujo, Mariangela Ciccarello

Curated by Catalina Tuca

April 15 - May 15, 2021 at Stand4 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY




Translation is like walking on a common ground, bridging two extremities, filling an empty space between two sensibilities, two cultures, or two different ways of experiencing the world. A translation is a negotiation, an interpretation and ultimately a re-interpretation.

                                    Excerpt from the Translator's Note, text in OUROBORUS by Mariangela Ciccarello .


OUROBOROS is a multimedia exhibition that presents new explorations on sculpture, installation and film by artists Ayesha Kamal Khan, Mariangela Ciccarello and Joshua Araujo. Each artist presents their own thought process, addressing notions that spontaneously coincide, such as the simultaneous real and fictional states of language, translation and representation



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