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Catalina Tuca and Mariangela Ciccarello


Multimedia Installation

Derived from the Quechua “Xauxa,” Jauja is the Spanish name for what is commonly known as Cockaigne (or land of Cockaigne), the medieval chimera of a place of extreme luxury and ease where physical comforts and pleasures are always and immediately at hand for everyone. Underpaid labor - or any kind of work- is not present nor is the harshness of medieval peasant life. Jauja is a country land, a natural environment of joy and simplicity, light years away from any urban context or contemporary idea of progress.


Re-appropriating a former military space, our “Jauja” intents to create a path towards a space-time where ancestral culture gets the better of capitalism, binary systems of values are overcome, death is accepted as inextricable from life, nature is a source of knowledge and enrichment, intuition is a major power as well as many others hidden skills human beings are not aware of having. However, the journey to reach the enchanted forest is impervious and wounds marks are at times visible.

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